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Membership benefits

As you have recognized the sites we put up are not big money spinners. You will notice a few adds as time goes by but the fact is that most books, most fancy cures and supplement programs do not work for many people.Our platform is to provide free information about as many ailments, addictions and life’s little problems, as possible.

There comes a time of course when most of us need that extra little bit of help. And giving up smoking is one of those times when the extra hand is very welcome. So you will find that we have established a membership program which you can join to give permanent contact to well wishers and professional carers.

Firstly the program will put you in contact with others at the same crossroads. People who have just started the program or have left some of the difficult humps behind. There are millions of people with the same problem. Not always the same degree of complexity, the same effects on our lives or the same levels of determination and willpower. But they are there and they are sympathetic because they have the same problems.

The professional helpers are not so sympathetic because sympathy is often that soft cushion which allows us to continue something that is actually killing us slowly. they do of course understand the best methods at each turn of the track. Methods, supplements and the most suitable mental approach for you. You can send a message any time and the answers will come promptly as we will gradually establish a wider base of therapists in different parts of the world and different time Zones.

Regular weekly letters will give stories of success, encouragement, detailed description of suitable substances which will be helpful and more methods to combat each temptation.We do not do the big sell. Its just a service but of course has to have a fee sufficient to ensure our survival.

So give it a try. There are no long term contracts so discontinue as soon as you are over the hump and sailing clear waters.We do have permanent membership programs to take over when you become a statistic for success. Health and happiness is what we are about so clubs being established include the and many more to come. Latest is